Accessibility criteria

The aim of this portal is for everybody -irrespective of any disability they may have, how old they are or whether they access the site from unconventional technologies- to be able to browse its pages without encountering any access difficulties.

To this end, it has been designed in compliance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 produced by the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium).

WAI Validation

Some of the features implemented in incluD-ed allowing greater ease of access to all web content are:

  • The visual characteristics of the portal (font, font colour and background, etc.) are determined by the style sheet so that users can adjust the text to their preferences.

  • The font sizes are defined in relative units so they can be expanded or decreased using the browser options.

  • It is not a problem if users access the portal using a browser that does not support style sheets, since they can access all content with the CSS disabled.

  • The pages have a clear structure both for the user who can see all the content and for anyone reading the information with a screen reader, users who disable the style sheet, etc. To this end, the section headings, lists and all elements that help the general understanding of the website have been defined using the HTML code.

  • The HTML and CSS code used conforms to formal grammars to ensure the correct display of the content using different browsers.

XHTML válidoCSS válido

Some of the PDF documents on this website may have some accessibility barriers. If you would like information of any of these documents please contact us and we will send the information of this document in an accessible format.

If you have problems accessing the web content, please contact us.

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